Denise & Yeoman: Midland Hotel Wedding Video, Manchester

Back in September, Denise and Yeoman asked us to produce a Midland Manchester wedding Video for them. It promised to be an unforgettable wedding experience full of fun, emotion…and hard rock! and it certainly delivered on all fronts!

What was it like planning your wedding?
The wedding planning was a far greater feat than I personally first imagined but it was made that much easier knowing my now wife, Denise, had such a specific vision on how she wanted the big day. We were incredibly lucky to have such support from both sides of the family, and this team effort made everything run like clockwork. Denise’s vision however was hindered by her very time consuming job of being a doctor, thus having me action and push everything was extremely important, and of course my attention to detail and opinions were needed. Anther point to consider was that every single person we hired and worked with towards this big day were/was so helpful and such great people that it really lightened the stress load which was very important.

Midland manchester wedding bride and groom getting readyWhat was the most memorable/special part of the day for you?

Yeoman: for me it was seeing Denise for the first time in her wedding gown entering the ceremony room in the Trafford suite of the Midland hotel and walking down the aisle. I was gobsmacked in awe of how gorgeous she looked… A very emotional point in the day.

Were you nervous?

Yeoman: I would consider myself someone with a huge amount of confidence due to being a lead guitarist in a local rock band, and to be honest 98% of the day I was completely fine…. The 2% where I wasn’t exactly fine was waiting for Denise to arrive and walk down the aisle, and just before I got on stage to sing for Denise, something which that i have never done before in my life is singing in front of an audience… that was extremely nerve wrecking for me.

Did everything go according to plan?

Most of the day went to plan, there were a few mishaps but these were considered minor in the grand scheme of things. If i was to give any advice to couples fro their big day is to just enjoy it and soak everything in… Do not let any mishaps spoil which is for certain you and your partners bigday.

Midland manchester wedding
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Were there any funny/emotional moments that stand out for you?

One huge emotional moment was the mother of the bride speech which was also funny! My mother in law is a very well spoken, strong and generally serious person but her speech came out as funny and heart warming. Also my epic 4 hour speech which I wish someone would have thrown something at me to stop haha…

Midland manchester wedding videography

How did you prepare for your first dance?

I have always wanted to take some form of ballroom dancing, and for our wedding I really did not want to look silly and inadequate in front of so many people therefore we took professional dance lessons but only around 4, 2 hour lessons where we choreographed the entire dance. I found i was much better than i thought i would be. Denise found it difficult to remember the dance itself but I knew every step and was able to guide her. I think in the video you can even see me telling her what was coming next haha…..

Kokil and Neil: Cheshire Wedding Photographer, Combermere Abbey

This was technically the second wedding for Kokil and Neil. A few months before their stunning wedding at the luxurious Combermere abbey in Cheshire, they held a traditional ceremony in India. Two very different worlds with two people in common.

We always love it when we get to shoot in a new venue and when we took a quick look at Combermere abbey we knew it would have incredible results. The ceremony was held in a big glass conservatory set in the middle of a labyrinth of fruit bushes. Despite the wedding being held in October we were all blessed with a bright sunny day which meant everyone could see the full beauty of the setting.

Kokil and Neil’s special day was packed full of surprises! The best man was able to find video footage of Neil’s self proclaimed wonder goal scored on the Stockport County football pitch.  However the biggest surprise of the day was for Neil when Kokil took a scene from his favourite film, ‘Meet Joe Black’ and recreated it. In this scene there is an impressive firework display whilst Louis Armstrong’s ‘Wonderful World’ is playing in the background. Kokil had the staff tell everyone that there had been a small kitchen fire and they were to evacuate to the front lawn. As the last guest had left the room, the music kicked in and the first fireworks were lit in what was to be an immense display. I don’t think anyone had a dry eye by the end of the display!

We hope you enjoy the our job as Cheshire wedding photographer and the videography! Weddings like this one make us realize how lucky we are we to have the opportunity to be a part of so many big days!

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Viva la Wedding Photography & Cinematography Best of 2014



2014 has been a very eventful year at Viva HQ. Our Wedding Photography & Cinematography adds to a total of 38 weddings, travelling far and wide, from the beautiful Isle of Arran to picturesque Bavaria. Lucky Guille even photographed a gorgeously romantic engagement shoot in Paris! Once again we’ve had a truly eclectic mix of cultures and some stunning venues with very original styling. We’ve covered some delightfully quirky weddings this year featuring goats, owls, guinea pigs and storm troopers from Star Wars! We just can’t wait to share all these weddings with you on this blog, but for now, sit back and enjoy the best of 2014!

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Donna & Andy: Scotland Wedding Photography & Cinematography

When Donna and Andy told us they wanted us to do their Scotland wedding photography and cinematography on the beautiful Isle of Arran, we jumped at the chance! Donna’s grandparents first visited the island over 30 years ago and since then it’s been a well-loved holiday destination for the whole family and holds a special place in their hearts. It’s the first time we have ever caught the ferry to a wedding location, and what a crossing! The views were magnificent and the island itself was a photographer’s dream, with majestic mountains and sweeping sea views. (more…)

Rachael & Deej: Engagement Photography & Cinematography

Deej and Rachael wanted special engagement photography & cinematography that they could show during their wedding reception and we were delighted to get our teeth into such an exciting project! They had very clear ideas about the kind of cinematography and photography they were looking for with warm, neutral tones and a relaxed vibe and sent us some links to videos they liked. It was brilliant for us to work with a couple who had such a strong vision for their film. (more…)