Sabrina and Nick: Wedding Photography London

Nick and Sabrina were married at the fabulous Syon Park and we were proud to provide their wedding photography London.

We also made their wedding film! Here’s their gorgeous trailer:

Sabrina and Nick – The Wedding Trailer from Viva La Wedding on Vimeo.

Sabrina and Nick had not one but two heartfelt ceremonies. Sabrina was born in California and wanted to celebrate her Indian heritage with a traditional Hindu ceremony, whilst it was equally important to British born Nick to honour his Anglican faith. As the pair live in the US, they were keen to be married in a distinctively British setting and Syon Park with it’s elegant architecture and classical interiors was the perfect choice. Crucially, the venue was able to accommodate both the Hindu and the Anglican ceremonies in one day and the couple have nothing but praise for the Syon Park events team, who were incredibly helpful in planning their destination wedding.

Wedding Photographer London Dress Shot

Wedding Photographer London Bridal Shoes

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Wedding photographer London bridal preparation

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Wedding photography London bridal preparation

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bride and bridesmaids walking with dome

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bride and bridesmaids on the move

bride with magnolia tree

bride and bridesmaids with magnolia tree

bride and bridesmaids nearly there

bride and bridesmaids with arch

bride in classical interior

bride and bridesmaids in classical interior

This wedding photography London was an absolute joy for us to shoot. (more…)

Chundeep & Ritesh: Indian Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Chundeep and Ritesh had a fantastic, fun-packed day, celebrating their wedding at The Mere Golf Resort and Spa and we were there as their Indian wedding photographer and videographer. The couple were both keen to honour their religious heritage. Chun is Sikh and Ritz Hindu, so they were married in a Sikh ceremony in Dubai and had Hindu and civil ceremonies at The Mere. The civil ceremony was one of the most special moments for them as they had written their own personalised vows with deep emotional resonance for them both.

Chun and Ritz – The Wedding Trailer from Viva La Wedding on Vimeo.

Their vision for the day was strongly influenced by Chundeep’s late mother. Chun grew up steeped in her mother’s Punjabi culture and great love of Bollywood films, so she was clear that she wanted to do her wedding shopping in India. Contending with the notorious Delhi traffic in 48 degree heat was tough, but Chun found her beautiful wedding jewellery in the very same store her mother used to frequent, so it was worth the journey. She also found her perfect wedding outfit in the nick of time, just hours before the flight home. I absolutely adore her hot pink gown with gold embroidery and the bold colour was perfectly complemented by Ritz’s ivory suit with its pink and gold detailing. Their couple shots are just dreamy. They look so in love, which is just gorgeous to see and I love that joy and humour coming through in the pictures. Stunning, guys!

The bridesmaids’ ivory skirts and baby pink blouses were so elegant and they too had plenty of fun posing for the photo shoot, which was great! During the wedding breakfast, the couple played old Bollywood songs from their parents’ generation. The evening party saw a change of outfit and we were able to capture some more stunning shots. Their guests were really up for a party and there was plenty of dancing and good times. This was an awesome wedding brimming with love, fun and feelgood vibes. Congratulations guys, we are truly honoured to be chosen as your Indian wedding photographer and videographer!

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Suppliers Directory:

Photographer – Wedding Photography Manchester Viva La Wedding

Videographer – Wedding Videography Manchester Viva la Wedding

Toastmaster – Collin Bruton MCT

Venue – The Mere Golf Resort and Spa

Bride’s dress – Frontier Raas South Ex New Delhi

Bride’s shoes – Dune

Hair & Make Up – Kara Makeup Academy

Band – Dhol Players – Imperial Drummers

Flowers – Dream Occasions London

Catering – Indus Catering London

Cake – Zoe’s Fancy Cakes

Entertainment/DJ: Kudos Entertainment DJ H

Why Hire a Wedding Planner? – Seven Good Reasons!

Wedding planners are OK if you’re a celebrity couple with a six-figure budget, but what if your means are somewhat more modest? Is it really worth hiring a wedding planner? What are the advantages and the pitfalls? What, in fact, do wedding planners actually do?

I happen to be a big fan of wedding planners, and as wedding photographers and videographers, we’ve worked with some incredibly talented ones on both real weddings and styled shoots. So I asked four of my wedding industry sisters to give me the low-down on planning and how they help couples achieve their dream day.

So why should couples consider hiring a wedding planner? 

1. Time

One of the main reasons couples look for professional help with planning their wedding is that they simply don’t have enough time to do all the legwork themselves.

Pamella Dunn Wedding Planner

Pamella Dunn brings a touch of effortless style

Yorkshire-based Luxury Wedding Planner and Stylist, Pamella Dunn reflects:

“Most of us live in an era where we struggle to find extra hours as we rush from one demand on our precious time to another. Often just finding time to even think about what you might like for your significant celebration is tricky.”

Yorkshire Wedding PLanner

Venue Styling by Pamella Dunn

Read on for some excellent advice from Pamella about finding the right wedding planner…

2. Distance

Couples who live far from their wedding venue often appreciate the peace of mind that a wedding planner can provide, as Sue White of Yorkshire’s The White Wedding Company explains:

Sue White Wedding Planner

Classic elegance from White Wedding and Event Company

White Weddings Yorkshire

Sue’s sense of fun helps your event go with a zing!

“Many of my clients live and work remotely from their chosen wedding venue and find it difficult to organise their wedding themselves from a distance – the perfect reason to hire a wedding planner who is on the ground and has the benefit of a network of local contacts and  suppliers.  I have planned wedding for clients from as far afield as Dubai. the US, Australia and even a bride from Mexico who I didn’t meet until the wedding day itself!  However, most have a family ties with Yorkshire and have chosen this stunning area to hold their wedding celebrations but find they don’t have the time to get home on a regular basis and when they do they need to use their time efficiently and effectively.”

This is an issue for many of our Viva la Wedding Couples, whether they are planning destination weddings outside of the UK or are coming from abroad to enjoy the beautiful landscape and heritage venues a British wedding can offer.

3. Co-ordination

A wedding planner takes the stress out of bringing all the different elements together to make your wedding special, as Lucy Wright of Yorkshire-based Lucy Wright Events explains:

Lucy Wright Yorkshire Wedding Planner

Lucy Wright creates a modern look that oozes chic

“Being that ‘Go to ‘ person at the end of the phone to help with any questions or situations throughout the planning process and on the day being the person who looks after every detail ensuring that the band arrive at the right time, the guests know where to park, the cake knife is by the cake, the toilets are all clean, the catering staff are all smart and briefed on the days timings etc.”

That’s a great point, as photographers and videographers we can see the difference when there is a wedding planner to co-ordinate. Less stress, more fun!

Lucy Wright Events Yorkshire

The feel-good element is always there with Lucy Wright Events

4. Creative Input

Wedding planners are an incredible source of creative styling ideas, Lucy elucidates:

“With so many ideas and possibilities for weddings these days from Pinterest, Instagram, magazines etc.., I can assist couples with creating the right look or style of wedding by offering advice and being happy to say ‘that could work but have you thought about trying this…’ which sometimes families or friends are too scared to say as they may upset the couple. I am realistic and practical with my ideas and suggestions.”

It’s true some of our Viva couples are endlessly creative and have the time to spend making hand-made decorations and special touches to add a personal flavour, but if that’s not your strong suit, then why not hand over the reins to a creative wedding planner?

Lucy Wright Wedding Planner Yorkshire

Fab bohemian woodland wedding by Lucy Wright Events

Sonal Kholia of Carriages Weddings and Events explains what a buzz it is to have that creative input:

“ We love putting together mood boards and bringing a whole new theme to life, we love seeing the couple get excited when they find the perfect cake or the perfect band and we just love the buzz and the chaos of it all on the day. However, the best part is when you see all the guests on the dance floor at the end of the night alongside the bride and groom having a brilliant time – it makes everything worthwhile.”

Carriages Weddings Team

Sonal and her partner Meera talk mood boards

5. Saving Money

Yes, you read correctly! A good wedding planner can actually save you money. Here’s Sonal:

“Wedding planners work with a range of different clients who all have different budgets and different expectations. A wedding planner’s primary interest is to ensure that his or her client is happy. A good wedding planner will be able to organise a great wedding on any budget – the priorities will just be different. So, whether you’re looking to spend £10,000, £50,000 or £100,000 plus, a wedding planner will make it happen.”

“Experience in the industry means a wedding planner knows how much a supplier should be charging and if you are getting ripped off. They can negotiate discounts on your behalf, sometimes get you preferential rates or simply tell you when you’re over spending on something which isn’t a necessity and need reigning in.”

Carriages Wedding Styling

Elegant Asian Weddings by Carriages Weddings and Events

6. Expert Knowledge

Wedding planners have a wealth of experience behind them, as Sonal points out:

“When you hire a wedding planner you are hiring someone who knows the industry like the back of their hand. This means he or she can point out any flaws and potential problems before they even surface. Many brides and grooms have a certain vision of their big day and though it is the wedding planner’s job to try and bring this to life, sometimes things just aren’t practical from a logistical point of view and so it always helps to have an expert opinion on hand.”

This experience is invaluable. At Viva la Wedding, we occasionally have couples approach us who are disappointed with their video and want us to re-edit. There’s only so much we can do to save a video that’s been poorly shot. A wedding planner with good knowledge of suppliers can help you avoid this kind of disappointment.

Carriages Weddings and Events specialises in planning Asian weddings. Sonal explains that there are some considerations that are specific to planning Asian weddings:

“When it comes to Asian weddings the numbers are usually a lot higher. You’re generally looking at an average of around 300 guests, which means it’s important to take certain things into consideration. For example, if there is a large turnaround time between the Indian ceremony and the evening reception then you need to ensure there is an alternative holding area for your guests to relax in while the room is getting ready.

As with guest numbers, other aspects of the day tend to be on a larger scale sometimes, such as the décor and DJ set-ups, which means your floor plans and dimensions need to be accurate to ensure you’re utilising any space you have as effectively as possible.”

As Wedding Photographers and videographers we are very experienced in covering Asian weddings, so we are used to dealing with the larger number of guests and making sure we cover all the important cultural and religious customs. When dealing with a large event like this, having a wedding planner to co-ordinate can take a weight off the couple’s mind.

Carriages Destination Weddings

Carriages Weddings and Events Destination Weddings

7. Wedding Planners aspire to be the best

Here’s Sonal:

“The Asian wedding scene is constantly evolving and so rather than just one, we have a range of different heroes who we take inspiration from. Whether it’s Mark Niemierko, Mindy Weiss or Neeta Raheja, their work, which spans across different continents, is a great guide for us to be constantly learning and evolving from.”

OK I’m sold! How do I find the right wedding Planner?

Here’s some great advice from Pamella Dunn to help you step into the magical world of wedding planning, confident you are heading in the right direction:

  • Have you chosen a date, place and venue?
  • Have you a budget you will work to?
  • Are you a creative looking to DIY your wedding, with support from family & friends?
  • Do you need help with the design and styling?
  • Do you need help with the administration, the coordination and on the day management?
  • Have you identified key suppliers who you can work with?
Pamella Dunn Wedding Stylist

Fab styling details by Pamella Dunn

“These considerations will help you highlight where you will want additional support, advice and guidance. The answers will be quite different for every couple but using the services of experienced professional planners for all or part of the above will allow you those moments to reflect and take in the whole experience, confident in the knowledge you are in safe hands.”

“The next step is to shortlist planners who fit your brief and arrange a consultation. These are invariably complimentary and will give you a good idea if you are a good fit. Personality, compatibility and a good close working relationship will be vital. An experienced planner will have all the answers, and more that arise during this exciting time, and will often not only be the planner, but your designer and stylist too. They will save you hours of research and add value to your budget. Their advice and support will be invaluable, they will be the calming confidant, fully understanding how you are feeling at each stage. They will be inspiring and thought provoking, discussing ideas with you that have meaning to you both as you celebrate your love for each other.”

And to conclude, I leave you with the wise words of Lucy Wright:

“I always tell my couples “If an orchestra needs a conductor to make all the instruments create a beautiful sound together, a wedding needs a wedding planner to bring all the suppliers together to deliver an unforgettable event”

A lovely analogy, Lucy!

Felicity Cooper Knutsford Boutique

We are big fans of bridal fashion, so we were delighted when Cheshire designer, Fiona Cooper asked us to make a film showcasing her Felicity Cooper Knutsford boutique. Fiona has been running her boutique since 2010 and until recently has stocked several high end bridal labels as well as her own designs. 

This year she has taken the plunge and launched her own label nationally, making the Knutsford boutique her flagship store and the epicentre of the Felicity Cooper brand. It was a bold move to stop stocking other successful brands and focus on her own designs but it’s one that has truly paid off!

Felicity Cooper – The Wedding Boutique from Viva La Wedding on Vimeo.

The Felicity Cooper label, named after Fiona’s daughter proved to be a massive hit at this year’s White Gallery, a prestigious bridal industry show, hosted in London.  Orders have been flooding in, with much interest from fashion-forward brides who are seeking vintage-inspired designs with a modern twist. Felicity Cooper gowns are fun to wear, with a chic, pared-down silhouette and fabulous fabrics that are beautifully cut to flatter. Expect the finest satins, laces and chiffons with some delightful details, such as glamorous twenties tassels and statement fabric flowers.

Fiona wanted us to capture the experience of visiting her boutique so we filmed friends Sophie and Hannah as they perused the latest collection and Sophie tried her favourites, benefitting from Fiona’s styling tips. Brides deserve to feel special and the Felicity Cooper Knutsford boutique offers a whole experience, rather than just a shopping trip. There’s a real wow factor when you enter the store and see the stunning decor and rows of gorgeous dresses. Fiona serves pink fizz in the cutest miniature bottles with candy-stripe straws and the knowledge and attention to detail of her team is phenomenal.

If you are looking for a bridal gown that stands out from the crowd and a customer experience that is second-to-none I recommend a visit to the Felicity Cooper Knutsford boutique!

Felicity Cooper Knutsford boutique shopfront

Felicity Cooper Knutsford boutique let's shop! Felicity Cooper Knutsford Boutique welcome! Felicity Cooper Knutsford boutique gowns browsing the dresses at Felicity Cooper Felicity Cooper Knutsford boutique here comes the bride! trying on dresses at Felicity Cooper Felicity Cooper bride Felicity Cooper accessories Felicity Cooper - could this be the one?


Bride Sophie happens to run a fabulous business which is just perfect for relaxed summer weddings and parties. Mr Squiffy is a vintage 1973 Bedford ice cream van, repurposed as a fully-functioning bar, offering fab drinks and an excellent photo opportunity. You can even have him play a bespoke jingle for your occasion!

Claire & Anthony: Wedding Photographer Manchester, City Centre

Claire and Anthony chose Viva la Wedding as their wedding photographer Manchester because we had filmed and photographed the wedding of Claire’s cousin, Rachel and they loved the results! We were really happy to be working with another member of the family! It was a wedding to remember, with plenty of emotion, humour and dance floor manoeuvres! Claire and Anthony tell us more:

Claire and Anthony – The Wedding Highlights from Viva La Wedding on Vimeo.

What was it like planning your wedding?

I enjoyed planning our wedding and I really miss it now it has gone! We were very lucky having our talented family and friends helping us with preparations, favours, invitations, flowers and hen and stag parties. It was quite easy and stress free. We planned the wedding in just over a year. We only had one busy week, and that was the week before, which is what all couples experience I expect.

What was the most memorable/special part of the day for you?

Claire – The speeches and the first dance. Anthony, my dad, and Lee were fantastic speakers. The speeches were thoughtful, loving and funny. I really enjoyed listening to them on the day, and watching them back on the video.

Anthony – Waiting for Claire to arrive at the church. Waiting at the front of the church with my brother, those 5 minutes felt so long. I just wanted to see her arrive.

Were you nervous?

No! The morning of the wedding was so calm. We have wanted to get married for so long and we were engaged for four years. In that time we decided to buy a house and then save for the wedding. So we were desperate to officially become man and wife.

Wedding dress Mancester Bridesmaids dresses accessories Manchester Wedding shoes rings Manchester Wedding Photographer Manchester preparations Wedding Photographer Manchester bridesmaids Wedding Photographer Manchester bridal preparation beautiful bride Manchester Wedding Photographer Manchester champagne Mother of the bride Bridesmaids in matching pyjamas Manchester beautiful bridesmaids Flower girl Wedding Photographer Manchester Bridesmaids Wedding Photographer Manchester Putting on the dress! (more…)