Guille and David had the pleasure of going over to Stockholm last summer to film Sara and Ehsan’s wedding video, or should we say Bröllopsvideo Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden! You can view the video here and if you want any tips on how to make your proposal super romantic, look no further! Sara tells us more below:

Sara and Ehsan: Bröllopsvideo Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden from Viva La Wedding on Vimeo.

What was it like planning your wedding?
It was stressful at first since we had trouble finding a suitable venue but once we had that part sorted out it was a lot of fun! I’m really organized and a control freak so I can imagine it was easy peasy for Ehsan lol!

What was the most memorable/special part of the day for you?
I’m answering for both of us now but probably when we saw each other for the first time before the photoshoot.

Were you nervous?
Not as much as I thought – same for Ehsan. We were very chilled and relaxed.

Did everything go according to plan?
Yes – everything besides the weather – so we had to hire a big glass tent the day before for all our guests. The photoshoot also became a bit stressful since we had a storm in the middle of July believe it or not!

Were there any funny/emotional moments that stand out for you?
When the wedding officiant asked Ehsan to say yes and he answered 150 % yes – and I topped that with 200% yes!

How did you prepare for your first dance?
We practised a lot at home since Ehsan wanted to have the whole traditional dance whereas I wasn’t so keen so it became a mix of Persian and western dance styles.

Tell us about the proposal!
We had bought our first apartment together and we were going to visit it after work. It was just a regular Monday. Ehsan got the keys and picked me up after work. Then we bought my favourite food and were planning to just sit on the floor in the new apartment and eat. When I came in he had put a bottle of Don Perignon and put a camera in the kitchen – I first thought it was the realtor that was nice but then I went into the bedroom and saw this huge heart on the floor made of rose petals and when I turned around Ehsan went down on his knees and proposed. He wanted to start our new beginning in that apartment in a special way and he succeeded. He filmed it all too so we have it in our film!

Looking chic and casual on their pre-wedding shoot in Stockholm

Romantic pre-wedding shoot Stockholm

Bridal preparation Brollopsvideo Grand Hotel Saltsjobaden

Bride meets groom Brollopsvideo Grand Hotel Saltsjobaden

intimate pre-wedding moment Brollopsvideo Grand Hotel Saltsjobaden

Brollopsvideo Grand Hotel Saltsjobaden bride

on the waterfront Grand Hotel Saltsjobaden

Confetti moment Brollopsvideo

First dance Brollopsvideo Grand Hotel Saltsjobaden

Are there any other special little touches you planned that you’d like to tell us about?
Oh a lot – practically everything I made myself, the Persian wedding spread, the decorations on the table, the giftbox, the wooden sign, all the wooden signs hanging around the area, the table number signs, all the jars on the tables, the candyjars/nametags. I love to get creative!

Were there any surprises?
Yes – we had a friend of ours dancing for us – a mix of European and Middle Eastern belly dancing and then we had a fire show!

Do you want to give a special mention to anyone who really helped a lot in planning your day?
Yes – Caroline Simonsson at Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden was a huge support when we were planning our wedding

Why was having a wedding film important to you?
We are Persian =) hahaha, no but jokes aside our wedding film or Bröllopsvideo Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden lets us relive that special day in a way that pictures just can’t fulfil.

What did you enjoy most about your finished wedding film?
That Viva la Wedding were invisible and didn’t bother anyone. Our Bröllopsvideo Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden told a story. It was natural, captured such amazing details and the high quality was so impressive.

Venue- Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden
Venue dressing/decor – Made by Sara and lovingly arranged by hotel staff according to her instructions!
Wedding Dress (Boutique and Designer) – By Malina
Bridal Shoes- Emmy London
Bridal hair accessories – Emmy London
Bridal Hair – Bashar Hairstyles
Bridal Makeup – Caroline Issa
Bridesmaids dresses-
Groom’s suit – Jens Dahlström
Groomsmen’s suits – Jens Dahlström
Flowers – Ros och Rum
Cake- En Nypa Socker
DJ – DJ Crush
Photographer- Alicia Swedenborg
Wedding car – Couple’s own Aston Martin Virage
Photobooth –
Tent + chairs+lighting – Frans August
Fire show – /Momo & Lut
Persian Chef – Ahmad
Invitation Designer- Calligraphen
Rings – Sörsand Jewels