Didsbury House Wedding Photography: Alice & Will,

Rustic Wedding cinematography

If you look behind the foliage of Didsbury Park you may just be able to find this hidden treasure. Nestled away in the suburb of Didsbury is Didsbury House Hotel. This elegant and stylish Victorian villa is the perfect venue for a personal and romantic day. Let’s hear what Alice has to say about her Didsbury House wedding.

What was it like planning your Didsbury House wedding?

Planning our wedding was amazing! We had 18 months so we took our time, we knew exactly what we wanted and how we wanted the day to feel so that really helped us. We split the jobs up, I was in charge of all things pretty ( flowers and venue dressing) and Will was in charge of all the music, the suites, the rooms for the hotel) It worked really well as we worked as a team. I started with a scrap book and it went from there! (hours and hours of cutting magazines, Pinterest and prit sticking!)
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Super 8 Wedding Videography: Beth & Richard

If you are looking for some vintage inspiration then this could be just what you were looking for. Beth and Richard asked us to deliver them a Super 8 wedding and we were more than happy to oblige! For those of you who may not know what a Super 8 wedding camera is, it uses actual film. It comes in rolls and we have to have it developed in Germany but boy is it worth it.  It gives a grainy, nostalgic personality to your film that somehow makes you feel as though you are viewing your wedding day through a time machine!

What was it like planning your wedding?

Pretty much everything was booked and chosen within 3 months of the proposal, so we just had to sit back and wait for a year! I wanted to use local and small companies where possible and the personal relationship that it forges meant that planning was a pleasant experience. Viva la Wedding was a company that had produced the video of Laura’s wedding (my bridesmaid / Richard’s sister) a couple of years previously. The friendliness and efficiency of Jo’s email communication coupled with Guille’s skill and professionalism when we met at his studio removed any doubt of us choosing another company.

The unusual ceremony and reception venue was a actually a private school only 15 minutes drive from home. I wanted a civil ceremony because one of our close friends is a Registrar and could conduct the wedding. The ceremony was relaxed and intimate, with a few laughs, which was exactly how we wanted it to be. With the details I tried to give a few nods to the fact that we were getting married in a school, rather than to try and pretend that it was a normal wedding venue.

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Destination Wedding: Rebecca & Karl – Chateau De La Goujonnerie

When we first got an E-mail from Rebecca and Karl enquiring about our videography we were instantly excited at the thought of crossing another country off our Destination Wedding list! Having never filmed a wedding in France we could not wait to fly over and start filming. Rebecca and Karls elegant and relaxed vintage style meant that this wedding was perfect for some Super 8 filming!

Why not watch the video and then read what Rebecca has to say about their beautiful french wedding!

What was it like planning your wedding?

Pretty stressful at times! It actually felt like we had a part time job with all the organisation we had to do. Parts of it were very enjoyable though and it was fun to chat through ideas that we had for the day.

Destination Wedding France

What was the most memorable/special part of the day for you?

Having all our friends and family around us was so special. A lot of them had travelled very far to get there – from NZ, USA and various countries in Europe. It means so much to us that everyone made such a big effort to be there.

Destination Wedding (more…)

Super 8 Vintage Wedding Highlights

Wedding Super 8, Highlights of the year from Viva La Wedding on Vimeo.

We are always looking for new ways to make our wedding films look different and special. From lenses to minicranes, we are constantly investing in gadgets and widgets and fancy new technology to make sure we keep ahead of the game.

We are big believers though, that it is the brain behind the lens that makes for a really great video. This is never more true than with Super 8. Why go back to a format from the 1970s that means using rolls of real film that only last for three and a half minutes? Why invest thirty quid in buying one of those rolls and sixty in having it processed, not to mention the fact the we have to send the film to Germany to be developed and converted into a format we can edit, which takes at least three weeks! We are talking a whole lot of time, expense and effort, which begs the question, why bother?

Well the answer is this: we believe in film! Film is organic; the very fact that you can see the grain of the cellulose reminds you that you are not seeing reality, you are seeing a version of reality and you are seeing it through the eye of an artist. If you shoot on Super 8 you can’t afford to waste a shot. Every second counts, but at the same time, the mundane is transformed into a beautiful nostalgic portrait.

It’s like watching your parents’ old cine films, except it’s you! That’s a big part of the appeal for me; because the texture and colour is so reminiscent of my parent’s old photographs, I feel like I’m seeing myself through the eyes of my children in 30 years time, and I like what I see! Film is warm and a little bit fuzzy and that’s just how it makes me feel inside! We’ve had an incredibly positive response from the couples featured in this highlights clip, many of whom told us it was perfect for capturing their vintage wedding styling. We are planning to film a lot more Super 8 footage this year. Watch out for our new Super 8 packages!

Neil & Laura: Wales / Shropshire Wedding, Iscoyd Park


“I knew from the first minute that I loved her!” says Neil of his whirlwind romance with Laura. They met one New Years Eve and moved in together only three months later. I’ll let Neil tell you what happened when he found Laura’s diary!

Their Wales wedding cinematography day was an amazing extravaganza of beauty, fun and emotion and we were privileged to be there to capture it all. The venues themselves were absolutely stunning, from Whitewell Church in Whitwell, Shropshire-Wales, with its picturesque whitewashed walls and spire, to the grandeur of Iscoyd Park, which provided a wonderful backdrop for all the vintage details that Neil and Laura organised. They sourced beautiful (more…)

Beth & Will: Vintage Wedding Videography, Nottinghamshire


Beth: “I love you because you let me wear your T-shirts. I love you because you have no shame when dressed entirely in Lycra!”

Will: “I love you because you have an open heart which makes me try to be more open”

Will and Beth have bags of charm and we didn’t have to try very hard to make their personalities leap out of the screen in this vintage wedding videography! It was a real pleasure to film such a sweet couple and we adored all the special little vintage touches they put into their day, from the beautiful lace wedding gown that Beth reworked herself from a charity-shop find, to the vintage-inspired stationery and signs. Their creativity and attention to detail made the day a visual feast and the Manners Arms at Knipton proved a splendid backdrop.

We have been experimenting with videography on an old Super 8 camera (canon 814 XLS ; ) this year. We shoot real Super 8 film stock and send it off to Germany to be developed and converted so we can edit it alongside our modern high definition footage. I think you’ll agree that the grainy old style look works really well with the vintage wedding styling of Will and Beth’s day. Our cinematographers even managed to film a time lapse on Super 8! See if you can spot it!

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do – it makes me smile, and shed a little tear every time I watch it! Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mr and Mrs Hayes!

Congratulations guys!

Jo x

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Vintage Wedding Videography by Viva La Wedding

Venue: The Manners Arms, Knipton

Gown: designed & made by Beth, used fabric from a charity shop dress

Hair piece: made by Beth

Hair & makeup: LeKeux Events, Birmingham

Bridesmaids dresses: pattern by Eliza M, made by Beth

Grooms Suit: King & Allen, London

Grooms men’s suits: the wedding company, Oadby

Decor: made by Beth

Flowers: made by Beth

Rings: Ryan Spicer, Cheltenham

Cake: Cakes by Beth, Manchester

Band: The High Noons, London

Ice Cream Bike: Lee’s Ice Dreams

Photographer: White Kite Photography

Music by Adam Agin licensed through The Music Bed