Father of the Bride Speech – Papa Howard’s Patented Formula!

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Guille is always telling me that I’m a daddy’s girl, so maybe I’m a little biased, but for me the father of the bride speech is the most special of the traditional wedding speeches. More and more brides are making their own speech, which is great, but if a bride decides not to speak, then dad, or whoever takes his place is the one who is going to tell her side of things. You are there to represent your daughter, your family and your relationships on the most important day of your little girl’s life… so no pressure then!

Me and my dad walk down the aisle

Down the aisle with Papa Howard!

The good news is that you couldn’t have a more willing audience. The room is full of people who are brimming with goodwill towards you and your family, and especially your lovely daughter. They will devour your accounts of her childhood foibles and teenage pranks and hang upon every word of praise for the wonderful woman she has become. And that’s basically your job: to tell us some stories!

My own dad is a master of this, which is fortunate as I’m the eldest of three daughters so he’s had to tell two lots of stories already and is cooking up some classics for when my youngest sister gets wed!


So here’s the Papa Howard Patented Formula for Wedding Speech Success:

1. Begin at the beginning (babyhood) and don’t be afraid to embarrass your daughter just a little bit! (more…)

The Best Man’s Speech – A Recipe for Success!

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As wedding videographers, we have seen a fair few best men in action, and we reckon we know a thing or two about making that nerve-wracking speech go with a zing! Here’s our recipe for success!


1. Fresh ingredients – don’t recycle tired old jokes off the internet. Think about your mate and your friendship. What’s special about him? What makes you laugh? What story can you share that says a lot about his character?

2. A generous helping of bro love – I know it’s the done thing to embarrass the groom, but just remember that he picked you to do this because you are his best mate in the whole wide world! So don’t stitch him up too much in your best man’s speech. He can probably take it, but can his mum? We’ve seen a fair few speeches fall flat because the BM has been too harsh for the taste of the wedding party. So consider a ratio of 2 parts friendly ribbing to one part, “but seriously, what a guy!”

3. A pinch of humour – You don’t have to have them rolling in the aisles. A genuine wry smile is worth more than a million forced belly laughs. Be warm, be truthful, be yourself.

4. Serve with a sense of occasion – You can be original in style and content but you must fulfil certain conventions: Praise the bride and not just her looks on this day. It’s very heart-warming for guests to feel you genuinely like her, so mention how happy she has made your friend. Admire the bridesmaids, the mothers of the bride and groom, the decor, the effort that has gone into the planning of this amazing day. Oh yes, and stand up straight, speak up, slow down and make eye contact – they will be eating from your palm – trust me!

Super 8 Vintage Wedding Highlights

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We are always looking for new ways to make our wedding films look different and special. From lenses to minicranes, we are constantly investing in gadgets and widgets and fancy new technology to make sure we keep ahead of the game.

We are big believers though, that it is the brain behind the lens that makes for a really great video. This is never more true than with Super 8. Why go back to a format from the 1970s that means using rolls of real film that only last for three and a half minutes? Why invest thirty quid in buying one of those rolls and sixty in having it processed, not to mention the fact the we have to send the film to Germany to be developed and converted into a format we can edit, which takes at least three weeks! We are talking a whole lot of time, expense and effort, which begs the question, why bother?

Well the answer is this: we believe in film! Film is organic; the very fact that you can see the grain of the cellulose reminds you that you are not seeing reality, you are seeing a version of reality and you are seeing it through the eye of an artist. If you shoot on Super 8 you can’t afford to waste a shot. Every second counts, but at the same time, the mundane is transformed into a beautiful nostalgic portrait.

It’s like watching your parents’ old cine films, except it’s you! That’s a big part of the appeal for me; because the texture and colour is so reminiscent of my parent’s old photographs, I feel like I’m seeing myself through the eyes of my children in 30 years time, and I like what I see! Film is warm and a little bit fuzzy and that’s just how it makes me feel inside! We’ve had an incredibly positive response from the couples featured in this highlights clip, many of whom told us it was perfect for capturing their vintage wedding styling. We are planning to film a lot more Super 8 footage this year. Watch out for our new Super 8 packages!

Shabnam & Iamail: Stockholm Bröllopsfotografering // Wedding Photography

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UPDATE! : One of Shabnam’s and Iamail wedding pictures was chosen by Swedish wedding magazine BröllopsGuiden as picture of the month

Shabnam and Iamail’s wedding was a truly splendid occasion! We love working in Sweden, so we were delighted to return there to film and photograph this couple’s incredible rollercoaster of a day! They incorporated Persian and Swedish traditions into their day and dazzled us with not one but two beautiful outfits! stockholm brollopsfotografering photography stockholm brollopsfotografering photography stockholm brollopsfotografering photography Shabnam and Iamail began the day with their civil ceremony, dressed in western wedding attire. Guille had already photographed the pair for their engagement shoot, so they were relaxed and at home in front of the lens. Shabnam looked amazing in her dress: Maxim by La Sposa and Iamail smouldered in his dark suit from Östermalms Frack & Smoking.

They chose to observe the Swedish custom of meeting secretly just before the ceremony, wearing their wedding finery. It was a very special and emotional moment, the sense of intimacy making it very different from a British wedding when the couple first see each other across a crowded room as the bride makes her big entrance! Their venue, Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden, with its quayside location provided a fantastic backdrop for the photos of the wedding party. The bright blue sky really set off the bridesmaids’ peach coloured dresses from Jenjenhouse as well as Shabnam’s own gown.

The couple organised their guests into a heart shape so Guille could photograph them from the top floor of the hotel, which made for a really fun shot! stockholm brollopsfotografering photography stockholm brollopsfotografering photography

World Cinematography & Photography: Best of 2013 at Viva La Wedding

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From Austrian to Zimbabwean our 2013 couples were a really eclectic mix! We are increasingly a World Cinematography & Photography company and over the past year we were privileged to film and photograph weddings from an astounding variety of cultures and religious traditions. We have really enjoyed sharing our experiences with you on our blog. For us, 2013 has been a rich tapestry of British, Nigerian, Indian, Chinese, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Civil weddings, including many weddings with couples of different cultures marrying and incorporating both influences into their day.


We really get a kick out of learning about and visually representing these different cultures and customs. Did you know that Swedish couples have a secret meeting in all their wedding finery before they walk down the aisle? We didn’t, until we filmed a Persian couple in Stockholm! It’s a very emotional moment, and the sense of intimacy makes it very different from a British wedding when the couple first see each other across a crowded room as the bride makes her big entrance!

Carmina & David: Cheshire Wedding Photography, Mottram Hall

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We were pretty excited about Carmina and David’s wedding at Mottram Hall, Cheshire. After an awesome engagement shoot, we felt we had really got to know them and our team were all set to film and photograph the little details that made them and their wedding day special.





Carmina is our first ever Austrian bride and she really did look wunderschön on the engagement shoot, snippets of which you can see in the couple’s wedding highlights film. As a beautician we knew her styling would be impeccable

Neil & Laura: Wales / Shropshire Wedding, Iscoyd Park

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“I knew from the first minute that I loved her!” says Neil of his whirlwind romance with Laura. They met one New Years Eve and moved in together only three months later. I’ll let Neil tell you what happened when he found Laura’s diary!

Laura & Neil: Iscoyd Park, Shropshire and Cheshire from Viva La Zoom on Vimeo.

Their wedding day was an amazing extravaganza of beauty, fun and emotion and we were privileged to be there to capture it all. The venues themselves were absolutely stunning, from Whitewell Church in Whitwell, Shropshire-Wales, with its picturesque whitewashed walls and spire, to the grandeur of Iscoyd Park, which provided a wonderful backdrop for all the vintage details that Neil and Laura organised. They sourced beautiful (more…)

Shabnam & Iamail: Engagement Photo Shoot – Bröllop Fotograf

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Swedish Text

We were so excited about photographing Shabnam and Iamail’s wedding and engagement photography in beautiful Stockholm! We had filmed the wedding of their friends Faraz and Negin in 2012 and were blown away by the hospitality, elegance and sense of fun of the Persian community in Stockholm, Sweden. If we had high hopes for our second trip, we were far from disappointed!

Hammarby Sjöstad proved a superb location for the engagement photo shoot. The quayside offers the perfect blend of urban and nautical, with a vast expanse of blue sky; an ideal backdrop for this couple’s chic styling and smouldering good looks!


Guille is very good at working his Spanish charm and teasing some stunning photo shots from even the most camera-shy of couples, but I have to say, with these guys that really wasn’t necessary! Shabnam and Iamail were incredibly natural in front of the camera and their poise and spontaneity really come across in their engagement photography.

Coming soon…Watch this space for their wedding photography and cinematography as Bride Shabnam explains Persian wedding customs.

Vi var så förväntansfulla att få fotografera Shabnam och Iamails bröllop och förlovning i vackra Stockholm! Vi hade filmat deras vänner Faraz och Negins bröllop 2012 var då helt överväldigade av deras gästfrihet, elegans och känsla av humor i det persiska samhället i Stockholm, Sverige. Om vi hade stora förhoppningar på vår andra resa, vi var långt ifrån besvikna!
Hammarby Sjöstad var en utmärkt plats för fotografering av förlovningsbilderna. Kajen erbjöd en perfekt blandning av stad- och marin miljö, med en vidsträckt blå himmel, så var detta en perfekt bakgrund för detta stilfulla och passionerade par!
Guille är väldigt bra på att arbeta med sin spanska charm och få fram riktigt fantastiska foton på dem mest blyga paren, men jag måste säga, att med det här paret så var det verkligen nödvändigt! Shabnam och Iamail var oerhört naturlig framför kameran och deras spontanitet visar sig verkligen i förlovningsbilderna.
Kommer snart … Håll utkik här för deras bröllop foton och film. Bruden Shabnam förklarar om de persiska bröllopstraditionerna.

Beth & Will: Vintage Wedding Cinematography, Nottinghamshire

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Beth: “I love you because you let me wear your T-shirts. I love you because you have no shame when dressed entirely in Lycra!”

Will: “I love you because you have an open heart which makes me try to be more open”

Will and Beth have bags of charm and we didn’t have to try very hard to make their personalities leap out of the screen in this vintage wedding video! It was a real pleasure to film such a sweet couple and we adored all the special little vintage touches they put into their day, from the beautiful lace wedding gown that Beth reworked herself from a charity-shop find, to the vintage-inspired stationery and signs. Their creativity and attention to detail made the day a visual feast and the Manners Arms at Knipton proved a splendid backdrop.

We have been experimenting with cinematography on an old Super 8 camera (canon 814 XLS ; ) this year. We shoot real Super 8 film stock and send it off to Germany to be developed and converted so we can edit it alongside our modern high definition footage. I think you’ll agree that the grainy old style look works really well with the vintage wedding styling of Will and Beth’s day. Our cinematographers even managed to film a time lapse on Super 8! See if you can spot it!

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do – it makes me smile, and shed a little tear every time I watch it! Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mr and Mrs Hayes!

Congratulations guys!

Jo x





Vintage Wedding Cinematography by Viva La Wedding

Venue: The Manners Arms, Knipton

Gown: designed & made by Beth, used fabric from a charity shop dress

Hair piece: made by Beth

Hair & makeup: LeKeux Events, Birmingham

Bridesmaids dresses: pattern by Eliza M, made by Beth

Grooms Suit: King & Allen, London

Grooms men’s suits: the wedding company, Oadby

Decor: made by Beth

Flowers: made by Beth

Rings: Ryan Spicer, Cheltenham

Cake: Cakes by Beth, Manchester

Band: The High Noons, London

Ice Cream Bike: Lee’s Ice Dreams

Photographer: White Kite Photography

Music by Adam Agin licensed through The Music Bed

Carmina & David: Cheshire Engagement Photography

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The engagement photography is a great opportunity for us to meet couples before the big day and have some fun capturing beautiful images. It helps us get to know you and how you like to be photographed and filmed and it’s great to help you feel at home in front of the lens. At best the engagement shoot can be a kind of oasis of calm amidst the hard work of planning your wedding; time out to enjoy each other’s company and remember why you are doing all of this! We took Carmina and David to Tatton Park and Knutsford in Cheshire on a particularly sultry summer day and captured these gorgeous pictures, which really showcase their filmstar good looks and the relaxed, happy vibe that is their trademark!

Cheshire Engagement Photography
Cheshire Engagement Photography
Cheshire Engagement Photography
Cheshire Engagement PhotographyCheshire Engagement Photography Cheshire Engagement Photography