Back in September, Denise and Yeoman asked us to produce a Midland Manchester wedding Video for them. It promised to be an unforgettable wedding experience full of fun, emotion…and hard rock! and it certainly delivered on all fronts!

What was it like planning your wedding?
The wedding planning was a far greater feat than I personally first imagined but it was made that much easier knowing my now wife, Denise, had such a specific vision on how she wanted the big day. We were incredibly lucky to have such support from both sides of the family, and this team effort made everything run like clockwork. Denise’s vision however was hindered by her very time consuming job of being a doctor, thus having me action and push everything was extremely important, and of course my attention to detail and opinions were needed. Anther point to consider was that every single person we hired and worked with towards this big day were/was so helpful and such great people that it really lightened the stress load which was very important.

Midland manchester wedding bride and groom getting readyWhat was the most memorable/special part of the day for you?

Yeoman: for me it was seeing Denise for the first time in her wedding gown entering the ceremony room in the Trafford suite of the Midland hotel and walking down the aisle. I was gobsmacked in awe of how gorgeous she looked… A very emotional point in the day.

Were you nervous?

Yeoman: I would consider myself someone with a huge amount of confidence due to being a lead guitarist in a local rock band, and to be honest 98% of the day I was completely fine…. The 2% where I wasn’t exactly fine was waiting for Denise to arrive and walk down the aisle, and just before I got on stage to sing for Denise, something which that i have never done before in my life is singing in front of an audience… that was extremely nerve wrecking for me.

Did everything go according to plan?

Most of the day went to plan, there were a few mishaps but these were considered minor in the grand scheme of things. If i was to give any advice to couples fro their big day is to just enjoy it and soak everything in… Do not let any mishaps spoil which is for certain you and your partners bigday.

Midland manchester wedding
the Midland hotel manchester chinese wedding

Were there any funny/emotional moments that stand out for you?

One huge emotional moment was the mother of the bride speech which was also funny! My mother in law is a very well spoken, strong and generally serious person but her speech came out as funny and heart warming. Also my epic 4 hour speech which I wish someone would have thrown something at me to stop haha…

Midland manchester wedding videography

How did you prepare for your first dance?

I have always wanted to take some form of ballroom dancing, and for our wedding I really did not want to look silly and inadequate in front of so many people therefore we took professional dance lessons but only around 4, 2 hour lessons where we choreographed the entire dance. I found i was much better than i thought i would be. Denise found it difficult to remember the dance itself but I knew every step and was able to guide her. I think in the video you can even see me telling her what was coming next haha…..

Tell us about the proposal!

This was another nerve wrecking moment in my life… I had been planning the proposal for a while and there were various opportunities to propose. the first opportunity was a family holiday to Japan on a food tasting tour, logistically it was too soon and I couldn’t get the ring on time… I then decided to propose on a potential trip to south Korea, but due to Denise being a doctor and having such stringent schedules and difficulties in getting holiday time, this was soon scrapped. In all that time, I managed to source a ring type I liked from Cartier, and began personally choosing the right diamond on a weekly basis, as the diamond stock changes on a weekly basis. My friend worked at Cartier which made this a lot easier for me to do. Once I found the diamond with the correct specs i was looking for, it had to be sent to Paris to be made specific to Denise’s ring size, a process that took around 1 month i think. This was a part i took great care in, as i constantly measured her finger when she wasn’t aware by holding her ring finger and also measuring and comparing other rings she has. So after much research i was 100% the ring would be a perfect fit. By this point I had no idea where and when exactly I was going to propose, but Denise had the idea of just taking a long weekend break in Mallorca to get away and relax, It was her idea… And i simply pushed her a little in the right direction by suggesting to go all out and get a suite and be comfortable etc etc. So the holiday was all set and booked with Denise thinking its all her idea. I had the initial plan to propose 2 days into the weekend break at some gardens in Mallorca which never happened haha. We set off to go on this weekend break literally as Denise came off a night shift so she was extremely tired and I was extremely nervous with customs check at Manchester airport and at the possibility of Denise catching me out. I remember this moment clearly, watching my hand carry go through the scanner and passing almost half way, then stopping… and reversing partially.. my heart sinking with what felt like 10 minutes but was actually in fact maybe 10 seconds… then the bag carried along the conveyor belt. So anyway, we arrived in Mallorca and immediately i was thinking, wait a second how do i carry the ring out, I seldom carry anything in my pockets as i do not like the bulk and i never carry any sort of bag so if i did so would draw immediate suspicion. and also how do i leave such an expensive and important item in the hotel safe without her seeing it herself?? At this point the plan changed rather quickly as i got more nervous about the whole trip, I quickly decided that if our balcony had a good enough view… I would propose to Denise there upon arrival of the hotel. This would then shorten the stress considerably from 2 days to an hour or so… Upon getting to the room a quickly looked at the balcony and went outside and behold the view could not have been more perfect. I quickly got the ring in its box in my hand out of sight and asked Denise to come out to see the view. I hugged her and then got on my knee (i can still hear the creaking joints and heart pounding) and I proposed, to which she at first said no… Jokingly of course.. I then started to slip the ring on and…. it got stuck halfway on!! I was like “Noooooo….. it cant be…” but quickly i thought, and attempted to take a ring that she always wears on her other hand off, to which i found it also was stuck. Her hand was swollen from the flight.. and after a while the ring sat perfectly on her hand!!

Midland hotel bride and groom posing for pictures

Are there any other special little touches you planned that you’d like to tell us about?

I suppose for me, the special touch was the amount of time i had spent rehearsing the song i sang for her on the big day. The other guitarist in my band played the guitar whilst i sang lead vocals and him on backing. We probably spent about 6 weeks rehearsing this song, and for me it was hard… very hard as I personally do not think i have a strong vocal but i sing backing no problem and write songs no problem. So this planning stage was probably the hardest part from me. I think for Denise, there were so many personal special touches everywhere… the devil is really in the details from all the flowers and all the dressing of the room, it was all meticulously planned by us and we are very very detailed and particular people. Even to the food, we actually broke the Midland hotel record of tastings as we had 4 or 5 tastings of 3 x 3 course meals… This was due to chef changes and because we wanted the food to be perfect, we are huge foodies and people know that. This made the food particularly important due to our reputation. I think to our closest friends and family, they could all see snippets of Denise and I everywhere on the day… all the details were bespoke to us and people could really see that.

Were there any surprises?

I think the entire day was a surprise to me. You can plan every little detail but you don’t see the outcome until the day itself and it most certainly surprised me with how beautiful the everything was.

Why did you think having a Midland manchester wedding video was an important decision to take ahead of the wedding?

The wedding video is really important for me because on the day itself, as a groom or bride, you are the centre of attention and in this bubble. You will try to absorb as much of this little world as you can but you can only ever be in the centre and can only see so far. A video of this special day allows you to escape out of the centre and see all those little details you may have missed on the edges.. It gives you that 3rd persons perspective of the day and you can watch your own story as if you are delving into your memories as a guest. It’s great to be able to see all those little emotions on your own face, and to capture all the guests emotions at pinnacle points of the day. Something which you would not see if a wedding video was not taken.

What was the final result like and what did enjoy most out of it?

The final result was amazing, I really enjoyed watching the Midland hotel wedding video, like a mini movie of the day. Its fun to see everything as a guest almost, or a fly on the wall, filling in those gaps you had of the day making your memories 3D as opposed to 2D from just your perspective of the day. I really enjoyed seeing how nervous or anxious i was on the day, photos will ever show exactly how your expressions change but a video shows the transition between being fine and being nervous… I really loved watching the first dance, something which both Denise and I took pride in with practicing so seeing that on the footage was amazing! I think I did try to watch my speech, but i gave up 20mins in as it was so long hahahaha.. On the day I hope it didn’t feel as long as the video shows it to be…. But looking back on the wedding video and seeing my mother in laws speech really brings back the day and the feelings. Another thing about having the video was being able to critically watch my band play, noticing how many mistakes I made wondering who actually was playing my guitar on the day.. I think it was Jimi Hendrix’s illegitimate brother with one arm and 2 fingers… HAHA!!

Do you want to give a special mention to anyone who really helped a lot in planning your day?

Yes, Colin Bruton our master of ceremonies. He was such a gentleman and such a great help in organising and herding so to speak. I think without him there would have been a detrimental effect on the whole day. I cannot speak highly enough with his presence, professionalism and friendliness. He made the day go so much smoother and stress free.
Also Nina Rodriguez the events manager at the Midland Hotel, she was incredibly helpful from day one and such a lovely person, my only regret was that she was unable to be there on the day itself as it would have been nice for her to see and celebrate on the evening with us!
 Midland manchester wedding


Supplier’s Directory:


The Midland Hotel
Venue dressing/decor –

Springbank Manchester & Luminate events (Mike)

Wedding Dress (Boutique and Designer): Browns, Vera Wang (ceremony), Pronovias (evening), Ted Baker (first dance)

Bridal Shoes-Christian Louboutin

Bridal hair accessories –Vera Wang

Bridal Hair-Vicky Adamson

Bridal Makeup- Vicky Adamson

Bridesmaids dresses-For him and for her

Groom’s suit –Gieves & Hawkes no1 Savile Row (ceremony), Huntsman no11 Savile Row (evening)

 Groom’s shoes (i thought i would add this in HAHA):Foster & Son.

Groomsmen’s suits-Marks & Spencer

Cake- Suzanne Thorp (The Frostery)

Band – The Final Betrayal (TFB – Grooms band) & Souls Sessions (acoustic)

DJ – Dave Kelly

Wedding car – Cheshire cars

Master of Ceremonies: Colin Bruton

Midland Wedding Video – Viva La Wedding