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Guille eats sleeps and breathes film and photography. It’s what he does whenever he has some spare time, so working at Viva la Wedding really is a privilege for him and something he feels very passionate about. Having won several awards for his short films, he is able to bring a strong narrative to wedding films and this has been key to developing our story-telling style. When it comes to photography and cinematography he has a very artistic eye and captures truly beautiful images. He is always working to develop his skills, improve his technique and make the best use of new technology. This said, he is also fascinated with the methods of the past. He has built his own darkroom and learned how to develop photographs, as well as experimenting with shooting Super 8 movies on old film stock. You could not ask for a more dedicated practitioner, and he also happens to be a really nice guy! Guille is also in charge of our sister corporate video production company in Manchester Viva La Zoom

Favourite Film: The Night of the Hunter

Favourite Food: Tortilla de Patatas

Favourite Place: Black Forest, Germany


Wedding Advisor

Jo used to be a teacher and finds her classroom management skills really useful in managing a team of cameramen and editors! She is a linguist and speaks French, German and Spanish, so if you need a translator for your destination wedding, look no further! Jo is very much a people person. Working with customers and making their dreams come alive is a real buzz for her.  She has a lot of empathy and good communication skills so she will “get” what you want and make sure that the team delivers. Jo is a keen writer and musician and she enjoys writing wedding blog posts and articles so don’t be surprised if she contacts you to feature your wedding!

Favourite Film: Singin’ in the Rain

Favourite Food: Cake

Favourite Place: Calella de Palafrugell, Spain



David is a very intelligent, quietly-spoken guy, a bit like an off-duty superhero. He is never in-your-face but people always remember him and comment on how much they like him. We all appreciate his considerate nature and the Jaques GSOH! David is basically the kind of person you can trust to handle your most treasured memories with respect and deftness and weave them into a beautiful heart-warming story; which is fortunate because editing wedding films is his main role with us! He is also an excellent cameraman and a great person to have around on your wedding day.

Favourite Film: City Lights

Favourite Food: Mediterranean Food

Favourite Place: Stradbroke Island, Australia

We care about you and your day, this is how we do things


Your wedding is your day. This might sound obvious but it’s important to remember. We won’t take over your day but we will be as present as you want us to be. Most of the time you won’t even notice that we are at your wedding! The equipment we use is not bulky and obvious so we tend to just blend in like any other guest.

This said we are a very friendly bunch, so when it comes to interviewing members of the bridal party or organising guests for group shots we are very relaxed and easy to get along with. We film and photograph with all this in mind and we always get awesome results!


Our candid documentary approach means that we observe life around us and capture the moments we think make your day unique. This might be a special smile between the two of you or a hug or funny expression from one of your guests. Life is full of emotional moments and weddings even more so. We want to make sure we capture the essence of what you and your day are all about.


We know that your wedding day is the most important day of your lives because we’ve been there! As a married couple, we understand that it is a privilege to be asked to cover your big day and we make sure that all our cameramen take the same view, acting with respect, professionalism and a positive, friendly attitude.

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