Wedding Photography and Videography FAQ

Why Viva La Wedding?

Because our wedding photography videography has personality: your personality! We think it’s not enough to create a linear representation that says this, then, this, then this happened on the day. We prefer to get to know you so we can include your humour, your warmth and all the little things you love about each other. We want to tell the story of two people and two families in a compelling way that you will want to view over and over again. This goes for our wedding photography videography because storytelling is really at the heart of all our work.

Apart from the quality of our work, we are nice people and we care about getting it right. We listen and we keep you informed at every stage of the process. We are excited about your wedding plans and we are always ready to hear your ideas.


What is your style?


Our wedding cinematography is cinematic in style. That means we combine slick, creative camerawork with clever non-linear editing to tell the story not just of your day, but of the two of you as people.

Photography-wise, Guille specialises in documentary style: candid, informal shots that capture the spirit of your day. Together with our talented team of photographers, he looks for the details that make your day special and makes the most of the setting and light conditions; so If there’s a gorgeous sunset, don’t be surprised if we ask you to come outside for a couple of special shots!

We want to incorporate traditions from our culture(s) into our wedding coverage. Do you have any experience of that?
We have a lot of experience in filming and photographing weddings from a huge variety of cultures, ethnicities and religions. We relish learning about different cultures and making sure we capture the important moments in ceremonies from different religious traditions. We have covered  Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Jewish, Greek Orthodox, Chinese, Persian, Nigerian and Zimbabwean weddings and we are very used to adapting our work to ensure we incorporate all the most important elements of each tradition. We also know that within a given culture you will want to express your own personalities and put your stamp on things so we like to take our cues from you and tailor our services to meet your needs.
We really want some beautiful shots of the two of us, how do you capture those?
After the ceremony, we usually take the bride and groom aside for around 20-30 minutes to film and/or photograph what we call the special sequence. This is a chance for our cameramen to get creative, experimenting with camera angles and using specialist equipment to really bring out the beauty of your chosen setting, and of course the stars of the show, you!
I'm a little camera shy! How can I get over that?
Most of the time you won’t notice our cameramen are there. We tend to stay in the background capturing more naturalistic shots. This said, our team are good guys to have around on your wedding day. They are considerate and have a sense of humour that sets you at your ease, so that when we do ask you to pose for a couple of romantic shots you feel at home in front of the lens. If this is something you are very concerned about, it might be worth considering a pre-wedding shoot, so you can get used to being in front of the lens without the pressure. It can be a really great chance to get to know your cameraman and lose your nerves.
What are the advantages of having two cameramen?
The main advantage is that we can cover groom preparation as well as bridal preparation, so it gives a more complete picture of your day. Another plus is that we are able to capture more footage of guests. One cameraman tends to be tied to the bride and groom for many key moments of the day and depending on how packed your schedule is, this can mean they have less time to capture informal footage of guests.
Will I get to meet my cameraman before my wedding day?
Yes, we always arrange a pre-wedding meeting before your big day so that we can run through the schedule and talk in detail about the kind of shots you’re looking for. Usually that happens at our studio in Manchester, but if you live far away, we can do the meeting via skype.
Do you offer Engagement Shoots?
Yes, we absolutely love engagement shoots! It’s the perfect way for us to get to know the two of you and for you to feel comfortable in front of the lens, so that by your wedding day you have no trouble accessing your inner diva! In the past couple of years we have done urban shoots in Paris and Stockholm, and soaked up the rural beauty of Cheshire and Derbyshire. We are always delighted to discuss your ideas for location and if you want to recreate a fantasy storyline, or combine photo and film to make a special story to show at your wedding reception, we are more than happy to make your dreams reality!
How long after my wedding will I receive my video/photos?
The maximum wait time is 12 weeks, but depending on the time of year it may be quicker.
What does the finished videography product look like?

Depending on your chosen package you will receive one or two DVD and Blu Ray copies in stylish presentation cases, each containing two discs.

Disc one is the wedding film, which is usually 20-30 minutes long, encapsulating the highlights of your day. The wedding video includes all of the most beautiful and compelling moments and is intended to be short and fun to watch with friends and family.

If your package includes it, disc one also has the wedding trailer, a 3 minute bitesize version of your day, which is great for sharing online.

Disc two is the Xtras disc, which includes the ceremony, speeches and any guest messages in full in real time. This disc allows you to relive those important moments minute by minute.

Will I be able to share my wedding video online?
If you choose the Classic or the Grande Package, then a wedding trailer is included. This is a short clip of around three minutes that’s designed for sharing on the web. Once you have let us know you are happy with your wedding film, we will upload your wedding trailer and send you a link so you can share it with friends.
How many photos will I receive
We usually say between 250 and 300 for a one cameraman package and 450-500 for a two cameraman package, but in practice it may be many more. All of these images are individually edited to look the best they possibly can. We don’t limit the number of shots we take or the number of photos we will edit in a given package.
How long after my wedding will I receive my photos?
The maximum wait time is 12 weeks, but it’s likely to be quicker than that.
How will I receive my photos?
We put high and low resolution versions of all your photos onto a specially designed USB drive in a presentation box. This is because high res is good for printing and low res is great for sharing on the web.
Do I get to choose which photos go in my album?
Of course! When you receive your photos on the USB we will ask you to select which ones you would like to include in your album. You have a 15 spread album (30 page) as part of your package, but up to 25 extra spreads can be purchased if you would like to include more photos. One spread usually equates to about four photos.
Who designs the album?
Guille designs the album with your selected photos and sends you a link so you can view the layout online before it goes to print. At this point you can request changes such as putting the photos in a slightly different order.
How long will it take to receive my album?

From agreeing the layout and the details of the album cover (colour, font etc) it usually takes 3-4 weeks for your album to be delivered.

Will I have an online photo gallery?
Once you have seen the photos and you are happy with them, Guille will make an online gallery with all the pictures your wedding and send you a password-protected link. You can send this link to friends and family who might like to purchase prints, canvasses or other products with the images on them. They can then purchase them online and have them delivered directly to their own addresses.
Why choose Viva la Wedding photography videography?

Well for starters we offer a discount of £125 off the total price of your chosen packages! But that’s far from the only advantage! Our guys are very used to working together and form a well-oiled team, working seamlessly, so you can concentrate on enjoying your day. You also benefit from having an overarching house style through your wedding film and photographs.

Thanks for looking at this Wedding Photography and Videography FAQ

I want to book! What's my next step?
We ask for a booking fee of 25% of the total price of your chosen package. We will calculate this and send you an invoice. You also need to sign a booking form and terms and conditions. The you will be booked in! Hurray!

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OMG!!! A massive, massive thank you to you ALL!!! Our wedding photography and videography arrived about 2 hours ago and its rendered us pretty useless as all we’ve been able to do is watch and view everything over and over!!! Seriously amazing stuff capturing all the moments and details, some that we had already forgotten. Its an absolutely stunning reminder of the day! We are seriously in awe! Thank for being a joy to work with, both on the day and in the planning stages.

Sandira & Afshin

Dear Guys at Viva la Wedding,

Wanted to say a massive thank you for my wedding video. You guys were amazing on the day, fun professional and really diligent and truly cared about capturing everything. I could not be happier with the video. Biggest advice to any bride: you must video your big day! Second piece of advice, go for Viva la Wedding as they really care and produce beautiful videos and lasting memories!

Lots of love, Victoria and Steven

Victoria & Steven

We just got the wedding video and were totally blown away!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! Thequality of work you’ve put into our wedding film is totally out of this world. Have never loved and owned such a precious piece of thing ever!!! We watched it several times all night long like two little kids on Christmas.  It was funny, beautiful, smart, lovely, stunning, natural… simply REAL magic all the way! Faraz and Negin